Black conscious movement presents the Official Video for "Prove them Wrong"

Are you a victim or had a time in your life when you were told you that you were not gonna be anything or have had people looked down on you for a very long time? Through persistence, continuing to stay focus we have been able to achieve goals and/or accomplishments. This song is dedicated to everybody that can relate to such a wonderful story or similar.

Directed by F-mans - Director of Photograph -Muctarr Bah - Edited by Muctarr
Song produced by - Thy young - Mixed and Masted by - Master Rell

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Cool J Bio

Shitta T. Deen who's stage name is Cool J, was born in Freetown, Sierra Leone located in West Africa.In the summer of the year 2000 he came to the United States of America. Since then, he graduated from high school ,and currently working on furthering his education. He is also a proud father and uncle. When his sons Kalil, Hakeem and nephew Rahim get up and dance to his songs, it’s them who motivate him to keep pushing through the music scene. I am the marketing strategy department for Deen Entertainment

He was first introduced to the entertainment scene in 2009 when involved in a group called Ital Leone. In 2010,he formed his own group called BLACK CONSCIOUS MOVEMENT.
In 2012 i released my first Album called THE PAIN. The release party was a success with sold out tickets and booming album sales. Late 2012, Cool J went back home to build a great fan base. He performed at back to back sold out shows in the city and the provinces , performed at the Sierra Leone national stadium , and also had shows in Canada which were sold out.

In 2013 Cool J switched up and tested the water by getting into acting! He then started a film production in Sierra Leone called Cool J Film production and completed two movies in Freetown and the village titled The path and A Woman’s Love.

Cool J returned the same year and did a movie called "Holiday Bluffer" movie which won an award for the movie of the year 2014. I was honored to play a role in movie called The Minister's Daughter which included notable actors such as Browny; a Nollywood actor from Nigeria . The movie is available on various platforms. Also during the year 2014 through 2015 the second album from Cool J was released titled Back to Back and included hit singles such as Holiday Bluffer that created a lot of impact as well as Lose Control.

In 2016, the third album titled The Rebirth was underway. Towards the end of 2016, Cool J underwent an unexpected experience. He got injured and caused him to undergo emergency surgery. This set him back for 4 months as he was instructed not to go anywhere along with several other restrictions. In April of 2017, the album was finally finished and was released on May 5 2017 at his successful album release party .

In April 2018 Cool J wanted to showcase his jack of all trades and began working on short series titled ‘Young N Learning’. The series created a lot of impact on the youth and community. AYV television aired the series weekly and became the most viewed series on AYV television. Early 2019 Cool J started working on a movie titled "The Beauty of a Woman". The movie was completed in three months following a premiere two months later in Maryland, USA. The premiere was a success.

So Far in 2019, the most recent album titled No Option from Cool J was released during his album release party that was a successful sold out show. Cool J also stared in a movie written and produced by the well known Dexter Brains Washington titled Dynamic Range. Dynamic Range was his first appearance in an action packed film.

December 2019. Cool J went back to Sierra Leone to do a rap battle competition to support the young rappers. He sponsored it with his own physical money. The winner had a great price and was on National television.

In 2020. Cool J did another Cool J Virtual rap battle competition vol2. Cool J is set to release another album. His Single Prove them wrong was a massive hit song all around. He is set to tour this December in Sierra Leone, America and London.
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