An Awesome Mix by Dj Omu ft Old and New Songs
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⭕DJ Omu Playlist:

⭕Salone Females have talent:

00:00 - Pretty S ft. Supa Saa - Hard to Trust
01:48 - Empress Pee - Small Girl with a Big God
03:01 - J. Kelly ft. Nega Don - Happy Day
05:10 - @Channel Drizilik - Tell
06:28 - Supa Saa ft. Nega Don & Shadow Boxxer - Gbana
07:29 - Markmuday - Da U cake
09:02 - Queen Hajj - Dance
10:50 - Village Boy ft. Sissay - Girl On Duty
11:46 - @ARKMAN - Ledda
13:08 - Tony Tee - Waterloo
14:41 - Ricky Don - DJ Omu Jingle
16:19 - Emmerson ft. 2flames - Turn Up
17:48 - @Dallas Bantan Official & TNG - Higher
18:45 - @Rozzy Sokota - Only You
20:45 - @Rozzy Sokota - Tinini
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Real Name: Jeanette Omu Miler
Stage Name: Dj Omu
Nationality: Sierra Leone 🇸🇱
Genres: Wide Range

🔥Songs and Mixes links:
🎧Dj Omu
🎧Salone Music Sweet Mega Volume 3
🎧Salone Music Sweet Mega Volume 2

🔥Short Biography
Jeanette is a Sierra Leonean - American female DJ that was born and raised in Houston, Texas. She has been playing professionally for about 4 years taking on weddings, concerts, showers, corporate events, clubs, etc. She first got a glimpse back in her college days as the queen of house parties always in charge of finding a boom box and playing the songs that she had collected throughout the years. Since then she has been able to grow her clientele and gain her positive traction.

_"I draw my inspiration from my family, friends, clients, and fans that want to see me succeed. I have met so many different people from so many different walks of life and they have given me nothing but positives energy and vibes. One of the best feelings is having the ability to touch and affect the lives of those that get to experience DJ Omu in various form."_

Dj Omu's initiative as a DJ is to continue to build her brand and use her platform to positively affect the lives of others physically, emotionally, and financially.

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Website: DJOMU.COM
Instagram: DJOMU
YouTube: DJOMU
SoundCloud: DJOMU
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