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BIN-SYLVA also known as sylvanus basil mgbe is an inspirational contemporary gospel artist, Author companion to mbembe nation, Environmentalist, safety, tourist expert and a minister of God whose life has been a source of testimonies to his generation and beyond.
My help is an afro-gospel hit single fill with spiritual vitality that outlines and expresses the hand of God in man’s life. The song was produced by melody and mixed by nattybase kitchen. Click to download below.

Yeah eeeh
Oh no no no
Yeah yeah
Since I was born
And now I’m getting old
You have being a mother
A father
Feed me when I’m hungry
Medics to all disease
Water when I’m tasty
I’m the head doh
(echo)head doh
And not the tail lo
(echo) tail lo
Im the first sto
(echo) first sto
Not the last sto
Hann hann
You are my joy yo
(echo) joy yo
And my peace so
Ancient of days so
You are my hope oh
You are my help…..
Oh lord
Na you be my help oh
(echo) na you be me help oh
You are my strength
Oh lord
Na you be my strength to
(echo) na you be my strength to
You are my help oh
(echo)help oh (x2)
You are my strength to
(echo) strength to (x2)
You are my God
(echo)you are my God (x2)
Eeeh eeeh
Oh no no
Oh no no no
You are my help
And my shield
You are my everything
My everything here
You are the sun
And the moon
The air that I breathe
The lord of host
The living a God
You raise my life
From grass to grace
And lead my path
To righteousness
Odeyano (what is it)
Nsoyano (what have I done to you)
Achibi epiwa eeeh
(that you are plotting evil)
Atori ham (against me)
Oyagbim nwa eeh
(this world)
Omama ee (x3)
(is too difficuly)
Okan oh kanimea
(oh help me lord)
Oh no no
Bin- sylva eeh han han

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