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Sylvanus basil mgbe popularly known as bin-sylva is a Nigerian singer, songwriter (born 29th august, 1989), who has release his first single titled my help.
Shout out to Jesus is an outcome of a born desire of the wonderful testimonies and God grace over series of challenges that propel a shout in recognition of his marvelous works ‘
An afro pop gospel song which featured mr ved, produced by kingzee and mixed by nattybase kitchen.

Mr ved
Kingzee on the beat
Oooh ooh ooh ooh
Han han han han
Na who the safe my life
Lift me high
Na who the show me love
Ooh lord na you
(echo) na you (x3)
You you
Na who the make me smile
Make me shine
Give me joy
Ooh lord na you
Ra ra ra ra ra ra ra
I will rise and shine
For the light has come
And the glory of God
Is rising upon my life
The maker of day and night
Teach me to serve you right
I give you all I have
As I hold unto you
Shout out to Jesus
(shout to the lord)2x
Shout out to jeeeeesus
Shout out to him
(echo) shooout
I was a prisoner
In sin and trouble life
I met the redeemer
And he saved my life
Even in the darkest night
He stills the storm and tide
And made everything right
To honor my day
He is my redeemer
When I have no one
Only comforter
In the trial time
He is the solid rock
Mighty God
Lamb of God
Rose of Sharon
Shout out to the one
Who made me who I’m
Is all about his grace
That brought me all this far
Let’s talk about his goodness
Talk about his kindness
He’s ever merciful
There’s no life without him
He’s our maker
A miracle worker
A promise keeper
He’s a light in the darkness
Just live by his words
He will bring you out of darkness
Live by his words
he will bring you out of darkness
He’s a miracle worker
He’s the beginning and the end

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