persistence is the key to success Courageous persistence is the one quality more than any other that can guarantee success. And success is something we all want, isn’t it? But to be successful takes persistence. Whether you want to lose a few pounds, get an A in a class, or any goal that you want to succeed in, you need to be persistent. It is the difference between a successful outcome and a failed one due to giving up. The definition of persistence is the quality that allows someone to continue doing something even though it is difficult or opposed by other people. Mos-B is the most persistence person in the music business right now. Releasing two new tracks with an awesome concept. The Pop singer has two great albums under his name with great pop charting hits, like "A JOURNEY OF A THOUSAND MILES, SWEET SALONE, OK LOVE, ALL THAT I WANT, A GIRL LIKE YOU, NEW CHAPTER"; etc He decided to dig deep to his root and recorded a real cultural track "BACK TO MY ROOT" from his native country Sierra Leone BUBU MUSIC. Which will make you dance and shake every flesh in your body. Featuring two awesome artists from Sierra Leone. FRICO and LADY FSK making name for themselves out there. BUBU music is one of SIERRA LEONE'S Cultural music played by our local people. BUBU Was first made famous by the "Late JANKA NABAY". Who took it worldwide, in respect and reminisce of the Legend I decided to do a song that invokes his genre "BACK TO MY ROOT" The second track mixed with Krio, English and French "MI FAMBUL" Meaning 'My Family or my people. It talking about the world greatest discovery, that everybody fighting to have "MONEY" Simply put, everybody wanna be rich and wealthy. No apologies "I wanna be rich and wealthy have enough for my self and enough to share" says Mos-B. Support the hard work of Mos-B, get to the dance floor and lets party.
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