Music bio: been into music from kid cause my life revolve...
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Location : Nigeria, Abuja
Bio : Music bio: been into music from kid cause my life revolved around music, played in the church band as a keyboardist and use to sing in the church choir While in secondary school I was in an acapella music group known as the Elegance. After leaving the secondary school I dropped my first official single titled Odum, in 2014 went ahead to drop my first studio album God's time in 2015 which comprises of tracks like Odum, never give up, oluwa mi, ever since then I've been dropping singles back to Back such as come jolly and Your love which I dropped in 2018 and then took a break from the music industry. The break was from dropping songs but I was still playing shows on intervals. While away, I've studied the contemporary sounds and have discovered my sounds and now back as a force to reckon with and I'm not leaving anytime soon as I'm ready and in for this game
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