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The Above named Entity is a Music Record label that is in...
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Location : Sierra Leone, Freetown
Bio : The Above named Entity is a Music Record label that is inspired by the strength and courage of young talented musicians in the country. Sierra Leone being a country deeply wounded and left with scars, is Joining the emerging world of change. The label is fascinated with how Sierra Leone as a country has been able to conquer its challenges and raise as a nation even this challenging world. The Label also draws it inspiration from the challenges in which, the World forges ahead in diverse of innovations and descoveries, Sierra Leone and Azazi music are on the verge of following the footprints of these innovation and discoveries. Azazi music is also inspired by the driving passion of music in the country and the passion of young talented musicians to be able to thrive towards their dreams. Azazi music Label gears towards promoting cultural heritage and values embedded in Sierra Leone. It also promote diversity and inclusiveness, it brings together the various cultures and tribes through music. Presently the label has six (6) professional signed artists, all teenagers with exceptional greatness of music in them and the passion to share with Sierra Leone and the rest of the world with their God given talents or endowment. In this regard I will be honoured of you sponsoring upcoming grand Launching come April. I will be thrill to explore this music Journey together with you in redefining and rebranding Sierra Leone music. I strongly believe this initiative will greatly promote our collective goals on my side as a producer and manager and on your side as a sponsor.
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