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African Radio Records, was started in 2008 by our parent company Mama Africa Productions to promote, market, manage, distribute African and International artists and music, good music that do not get the recognition deserve due to the monopoly of the industry.

We are here to assist entertainers reach their full potential not only financially but being prepared to face the world and this industry.

We have developed and created our artist management department which is the first stage of making sure our artist, music and culture be seen and respected world wide.

Mama Africa Productions
Founder, Distribution


Christopher Tucker

Mohamed Megga Kallon
VP of audiofrica music managemnt

Fantacee Wiz Kamara
VP Of IT & Digital Distribution

Purpose: To manage the careers of rising musical artists, focusing on PR, A&R Marketing, Touring, and Music distribution.

Aim: To ensure that in collaboration with the artists, we achieve the professional goals of the company by branding each artist and their music to the rest of the world, this will be achieved by building a fan base and delivering music that will not only sell but music that will gain airplay across the world, aiming to reach many crowds and work within many genres.

Process: The first stage will be A&R in which artist will either send a demo or perform live to ensure that is actual talent, The VP will be doing many of the A&R process until he hires A&R, he will have producers, directors and stylists on file to work with artists at different stages.

After Artist have signed a management deal (if amm decides to manage the artist) with amm Management meetings will be held to discuss the steps that will be taken for the artists career, discussing Album recording, PR, Marketing and touring.

What is amm/ audiofrica music management?

audiofrica music management (amm) is a management company that focuses on spotting talent, branding artists and managing their careers, ensuring that from one album to another, from one year to the next there is artist and fan base growth.

audiofrica music management will ensure that Artist have the freedom to express themselves, be who they are, however our motto is that “ IMAGE SELLS” and as the managers we will do everything possible to ensure success for all our artists.

for more info please contact us, if your interested in being part of the team, sponsor, donate, help distribute or more please contact us as well.

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