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Location : France, Caen
Bio : Mos-B An Iconic award-winning artist in the music industry that is already known for evoking high-flying deeds with his amazing touch of professionalism in music is set to take over the wheels of the music industry. Mos-B is a rare blend of a talented singer, songwriter, performer and hyper-creative entertainer. He was born in Sierra Leone to a musical mother and grew up with a deep thirst for making music. His first performance as a musician was in front of a 20,000 audience and since then, his popularity and appeal are on the rise. With a good number of views on YouTube and a growing fan base on social media, Mos-B continues to captivate his audience with his steadily evolving talent. His songs are also constantly played in over eight radio stations in Sierra Leone. Professionally, when he sings establishes a good connection with his audiences through joyful, music. His type of music is a fusion of the rhythms, philosophies, and lyrics typical of the journey, establishing an intimate platform to share his perspectives and experiences with his audience. Every song from this humble artist ornaments the emotional layers of his resonant voice along with his ability to create striking melodies. His beautiful, rich tone and innate musicality are mind-blowing. Multi-faceted, a sense of fun and theatricality, ranging from mellow and down-to-earth pop Afrobeat to the proud parade of hip-hop and Reggae… all of this wrapped up in the cohesive sound of Mos-B. Something of a legend in his native Sierra Leone (because, well, this), he’s ready to take on Europe. And a good thing too - we could all do with a case of the vibes from time to time
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