Xzu B
Xzu B was born in Yengema town Kono District Sierra Leone...
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Location : Sierra Leone, Freetown
Bio : Xzu B was born in Yengema town Kono District Sierra Leone. He attended the Murraydeen primary school and the Sierra Leone Grammar school. He is currently an I. T student and the Chief judge for AYV Cypher Uncensored tv programme, and also a brand Ambassador for AYV In the year 2010, Xzu B signed to the Label Catthouse Records with Teteh as CEO and PRODUCER. He won the best upcoming Hip Hop Artist of 2012 at the Lake National Awards, and later released his first hit song Go Kabala from the X album in the year 2015 at Catthouse Records Xzu B was nominated for the category of best Hip Hop male artist of the year 2017. He is now signed to the label Doz- kabaal with Star Zee and SQB and set to release his second studio album Majesty Xzu B is the CEO of Troublemakers Music and just signed a new school rapper BADO who is currently working on his project .
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