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Upline Bobor is one artist that stands out from the crow...
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Location : Sierra Leone, Kenema
Bio : Upline Bobor is one artist that stands out from the crowd and He is poised to achieve great things in the industry. Since making his official entry into the industry, he has grown from strength to strength. We take a look at his history and musical journey so far *Education* Abdul Raheem Barrie had his Tertiary Education in Freetown and High School in Kenema. The young rising star never had it easy growing up. Education for him was a struggle but still, he persevered Music Journey Upline Bobor was unearthed by DJ Skydde, President of SKYDDE Records at a local Night club called Rendezvous Place in Reservation Road Kenema. The record label executive saw the talent in the yet raw musician and decided to help polish him. His tough upbringing as a child is a memory he wants to share as a movie for all and sundry to know about through his music As it is known, even diamonds have to be polished to achieve the sort of beauty they are known for. Upline Bobor has gone through a lot as expected of a young teen growing up in a country where as high as 60% of the population live below the poverty line He has kept his head above water even when he was almost drowning and now he is set to swim and lord over the waters of the Sierra Leone music industry like a shark in the ocean. According to the talented youngster, he is married to his craft with an expectation to see it through till death do them part. He claims to derive his inspiration from his own experiences which are very diverse due to the structures of his struggles while growing up His message is clear and filled with hope for all lovers of music all over the world who can relate to his songs and style of music. He is drawn to the music of the legendary Salia Koroma and inspired by the rich content of the music of Pupa Bajah as well as the adversaries that the now legendary Bajah had to go through before cementing his place in the history of the Sierra Leone music industry Upline Bobor’s talent is undoubted and his songwriting skills too. His desire as a musician is not just about making a name in the music industry but also using the opportunity to put an everlasting smile on the face of the everyday Sierra Leoneans who goes through a lot in his quest for daily bread He desires a Sierra Leone where basic amenities such as running water and electricity will be accessible to all the people living in the country regardless of class, status or ethnicity. Since breaking out in the music industry, the talented young artist has worked with the likes of LAJ on the fairly accepted Doubles, H3ADL1N35 & 4GET U FREN. that was released in the year 2018/19. He has also jumped on a track with the legendary Chill Chiller, Mr 1ne on his song BAD X-10Sion plus another revolutionary song with Menace DE General CEO of West Africa Movement and he has released the single titled Gangster Pain early March this year. *Conclusion On Upline Bobor Ritzy Biography* Great things are to be expected from this young, talented and dynamic entertainer. He is set to thrill music lovers in Sierra Leone , Africa and even globally for many years to come. he still has plenty of time to fine-tune his sound and gain far-reaching appeal with his music. Tough times don’t last, tough people, do. Clearly, Upline Bobor Ritzy is tough haven survived through a prolonged period of hardship in his life. There is light at the end of the tunnel for him now as he is set to build on his newfound fame through his love, music. He is presently an Independent Artist sign to no one and He is the founder of UPLINE PIKIN FOUNDATION a charity Foundation that's set up to support less privileged kids.
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