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Location : Sierra Leone, Free Town
Bio : Abu Bakarr Rhyme Kamara (Alias - RHYME K) and Alhaji Bassie Conteh, (Alias - LAJOR DON) are Sierra Leonean based singers, song writers and producers, born of Magburaka (Abu Bakarr Rhyme Kamara (Alias - RHYME K) and Masiaka (Alhaji Bassie Conteh, (Alias - LAJOR DON)) , Tonkolili and Portloko district, Northern Sierra Leone respectively Their musical journey started at a tender age (12), while transitioning from elementary to junior high. They are products of the Benevolent Junior Secondary School , Magburaka and Ahmadiyya Muslim Secondary School Masiaka, where they separately attained their junior high school certificates (BECE). They further attain their senior high school certificate (WASCE) three years later,with LAJOR DON attaining his at the Sierra Leone commercial secondary school Magboraka town,while RHYME K attained his at the Sierra Leone Muslim Congress. They returned home in 2012, upon completing their senior high school certificate, and sojourned into their musical career (in fulfillment of their passion). The passion for music directed Lajor Don’s energy to a group call BRAIN SQUARD, with a circle of three Artists and him completing the circle to four. Members of that group were DADDY J, BASE, MR. WISH And LAJOR DON. The first project embarked on by the group was the recording of a school song titled “Ahmadiyya”, produced by George from Almo Records and the song “Mariama”, produced by WilBart Mass records. The group then separated after few years, and LAJOR DON been passionate about music, teamed up with Rhyme K, who was a member of a group called “Legal Friends”. Legal Friends had guys like RUJJI RANKS, COOL G and RHYME K been the third member of the group. The two music dynamites from Masiaka (Lajor Don & Rhyme K) followed their person-ate and love for music to set up a recording Studio called MIDI RECORDS, but ended up changing the name to it’s current “Wisdom Entertainment”. At “Wisdom Entertainment”, Rhyme K is the engineer and Lajor Don the graphics designer.Their very first real gig was in 2017, where they compiled and released their very first Album tittled “Controller”. The album release was a bagger/success. Their second major event was organized by MASS RADIO MASIAKA featuring their hit single titled “WAKA” and Super Sah in 2018. The hit single “WAKA” released in 2018 created the much needed impact that exposed them to not only Masiaka, but the country as a whole, making them a force to recon with in the music industry. Their current project is a hit song titled “YES SIR” that is making wave on different radio frequencies and TV channels in the country. You can listen to their songs and videos on YOUTUBE, SOUND-CLOUD, SOUND CAST, NUMBER 1 MUSIC.COM, ITUNE, BOOM PLAY, IMMITTER, and many more.
Website : 28 Sankoh Street
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