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Short Biography* Memish is a *multitalented* award winnin...
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Location : Sierra Leone, Freetown
Bio : Short Biography* Memish is a *multitalented* award winningfemale artist born (August 25th 1996) and raised in Sierra Leone. She is a single child to both parents; her mum named Madam Kadiatu Shaw and her dad named Mr Ibrahim Barrie, both from the fula tribal community. Memish also known as the *female dragon*, started her music *career in 2015* but at a tender age of *10*; were she used to write songs for her school and friends, which they would use for acting plays. She attended the *Methodist* pre, junior, and senior secondary *school* in *Kenema* and further her education in the Freetown secondary school for girls *(FSSG)*. Later this year memish launched her own record label which is the BHAD GYAL VYBEZ
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