Audiofrica’s EXCLUSIVITY – An EXCLUSIVITY is a deal that is signed between us and the artists, dj’s, promoters, record labels and management representing the artists. As an artist you will release and sell all or some of your music and content on audiofrica.  From your music, to videos, beats etc.​​​

As an EXCLUSIVITY artist you and us will come to an agreement on which of your content will be available on audiofrica. You can decide to have all your content or selected few, but which option you decide, those contents can not be on any other platform. Below are the terms and conditions.​​​

EXCLUSIVITY at 80%, means you only have a select few of your content on audiofrica and you will be given 80% of all your sales bought through our platform.​​​

EXCLUSIVITY at 90%, means you will have all your content on audiofrica and nowhere else and you will be given 90% of all sales bought through our platform.​​​

Advance detail system stats – As an EXCLUSIVITY artists you will receive advance detail system stats about your sales, profits of your audio, video, albums, mixes and playlists from your admin area.​​​

Africa’s Next – You will be added to our Africa’s Next platform and get showcased throughout our network and our partners network.​​​

Audiofrica Marketing: Get promoted, marketed, seen and heard by millions.

Audiofrica Events – As an EXCLUSIVITY artists you will take part in at least 1 to 2 events we have throughout the year, which details will be discussed by Audiofrica and your management, record label if any or if you’re an independent artists will be discussed with you and come to an agreement with both parties.​​​

EXCLUSIVITY shared profit – audiofrica offers a bonus shared profits to our EXCLUSIVITY artists which is not guaranteed, but if they reach a certain amount of downloads, sales, streams or if their activity or themselves bring a certain amount to Audiofrica. For example having over 100,000, 500,000 or 1 Million streams or views, you may get a certain percentage of that revenue if any is earned through you.​​

You will also get shared profit if items such as T-shirts, sneakers, posters are being purchased with your name, photo or likeness of you.​​​​​​

Audiofrica Branding – As an EXCLUSIVITY artists you get first choice when we branding our company, from having your photos used on our flyers, banners, events to having you wear our branded gear.​​​​​​

EXCLUSIVITY agreements lengths – The minimum length of an EXCLUSIVITY deal is 12 minimum and maximum of 5 years. Both parties can sit down to discuss every year of your agreements to discuss extension or limited extension of agreements. And if both parties can have a suitable agreement that both parties will agree on, then it will be executed and a new EXCLUSIVITY agreement will be signed.​​​​​​

EXCLUSIVITY artist expectations: As an EXCLUSIVITY artist you are expected to promote, and market Audiofrica and yourself, you are expected to keep yourself in a respectable manner in public and you are expected to abide by the EXCLUSIVITY agreements between you and Audiofrica.​​​​​​

If you are interested in learning more or becoming an EXCLUSIVITY artist please connect with us.



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