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1% =10,000,000

Over 10 million Africans which is about 1% are on their mobile devices, either on social media or chat.   We believe that with our platform we can reach these mobile users  and more, whom are looking for a mobile app they can listen to music, videos and more on their mobile phones.

Audiofrica has the ability to bring and monetize your product and advertising budget to bring awareness to your product as well as generate sales.

Our company was founded by one of the first companies to bring African music on the internet in 2006, which is African Radio, they brought African music,news and more to over 80 countries and over 5 million people and with audiofrica they look to extend and reach Africans in Africa and the Diaspora which includes African American, Afro Latina and others.

Give us the opportunity to showcase your product and brand to an untapped resources.


These are Africa’s mobile data global users in January 2014, and we believe

these numbers have increased dramatically and with the rise of mobile

phones, data plans, internet access and African music & Entertainment, we

feel Audiofrica is the right company at the right to to assist you with your

brand through our advertising network.

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