Audiofrica is Africas #1 Music Platform and Music App.  Audiofrica brings you millions of Music from Africa and the African Diaspora.  From African Genres like Soukous, Afrobeat to Makossa as well music from the Caribbean such as Dance Hall, Reggae, Soca and others, as well as Music from Africans abroad.

From Hip Hop to Latin, to R & B to Gospel.  When we say African music app, we mean African music app, no one no country, no genre is left out.

We also give you unlimited live radio stations and podcast world wide, give you videos to watch, the ability to find your music by text or voice search as well as the ability to listen to your favorite music offline.

We are being called the Pandora of African music and the Spotify for African music, which is great, but we say we are audiofrica, the music for Africa and Africans world wide. 


Audiofrica lets our members explore, discover, listen, download, search and share unlimited music and videos.  From live Radio stations to music to watching some of the hottest videos from Africa and the Diaspora.

As a subscription member you have full access to our live chat feature where you can chat with others on the platform, Discover music by searching with your voice or by typing what your looking for, as well as the ability to listen to your favorite music that you have downloaded when you are offline.

Audiofrica gives you non stop African Entertainment in the palm of your hand, it also gives you the ability to buy your favorite artists music and support their career at the same time.

Because of you we exist, so together as partners we will showcase African music and Entertainment to the world like never before.

For Artists

As an artist in the Audiofrica platform, these are exciting times for you.  You, your talent, your skills and hard work now have the ability to be showcased in one place where is meant to be, a one stop shop for African music, your music.

The African market is an untapped market when it comes to music and entertainment, so if your music reaches just 1% of Africans you looking at over 100 million potential customers listening, sharing, buying and downloading your music.

The Audiofrica Platform allow you to create an account, upload your content and offer it for free or to sell it for a cost.  It also gives you the ability to promote, market and advertise your content, while building your brand.

Our Platform will be promoted, marketed and advertised to millions of Africans on a daily basis so our Platform will be seen millions of potential users who could potentially purchase your music.

For more info on the Audiofrica artists, visit our Artists,  Africa’s Next and Exclusivity pages to see how you as an artist can use these resources to turn your passion to a long fulfilling and financially stable career.

Audiofrica CARES

Audiofrica CARES – is our giving sector of our company.  We feel as a technology company we work hard to create an amazing platform for our users to enjoy day in an day out, but we also feel that giving should be and is a big part of who we are.

With Audiofrica CARES we will be doing different ventures with the less fortunate, from helping to feed the homeless to having fundraisers to donate to the needy as well as bringing awareness to it so we can work with others to help those who are in assistance from the community.

We believe that together as a community we can help bridge the gap between the less fortunate to those whom are fortunate.

We ask that you join us.